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C.H.A.N.G.E. = Control, Homicide And Neighborhood Gun Violence Effectively.  The usage of guns belongs on the battlefield, not in our neighborhoods.  CHANGE-101 is the lesson, that change is as easy as 123.
  1. Change your mind, Don't Shoot!!
  2. Change your focus on life and not death
  3. Change your passion to protect, not pain and neglect
  4. Change your mind from thoughts of death and murder to a mind that cares about life and longevity
  5. Change your mind to grow the community not to tear it down
  6. Change to honor your brothers life and blood, not to dishonor it by a bullet
  7. Change to establish employment and a career, not armed robbery and felony charges
  8. Change to read and to educate yourself, not to negate and to devalue your intelligence  
  9. Change to heal, not to hurt
  10. Change to think, not to react
  11. Change to establish purpose, not to destroy destiny
  12. Change to help build families, not prisons
  13. Change to build trust, not convictions and distrust
  14. Change to dig and to plant economic foundations in the neighborhood, not graves
  15. Change to love one another and not to hate each other
  16. Change to unite families and not to divide them
  17. Change to asked for help, not to ignore signs and symptoms of self-destruction and self-hate
  18. Change to explorer, not to ignore
  19. Change to create gains, not losses
  20. Change the use of a gun to protect, not to settle arguments, disagreements and offenses
Accept the Charge 2BMBK
My Brother's Keeper and receive a free Wristband

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I hereby accept the charge to be My Brother’s Keeper by not shedding his blood, but to honor his life and blood.
My Brother's Keeper
My Brother's Keeper is a charge to "Keep Alive" and not to shoot and kill one another.  Therefore we answer the question asked by Cain, who killed his brother...  Genesis 4:9  "...Am I my brother's keeper?"  THE ANSWER IS YES!!!

Even if I disagree with you, or may be upset with you, I now accept the charge to keep you alive in the earth.  I fulfill this charge by resisting the urge to react violently towards you.  Even if we may fight, it is my charge to keep you alive and me out of jail.

This is a matter of the heart and soul...
  • Honor the life and blood of our neighbors   
  • Settle our differences morally and ethically
  • Discourage Instigation to shed blood
  • Avoid Confrontation
  • Make Peace happen intentionally
  • Learn to Forgive one another
Proverbs 19:11 Says, "The discretion of a man defereth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression"

Defer means to postpone; 
Discretion means having the ability to show good judgment and the ability to make responsible decisions;

Therefore through a man discretion he takes great pleasure overlooking offenses.  It is his joy to uphold and to maintain integreity.  His speech and his behavior promotes peace.  His thoughts are towards positive solutions and not more problems.  He chooses to respond to adversity through wise consultation, rather than reckless reation. He respects the life of his enemies, knowing that God avenges evil and that wrong doers are not innocent and will reap what they sow.  He leads by example, so that those who follow  can walk in the pathways of peace and prosperity, not a life a crime and violence.  A mans discretion will cause him to ponder the path of his own life and always regard the life of his neighbor, who becomes his brother too.  In this way, he promotes life and not death; for he is HIS BROTHERS KEEPER.

Pastor David Ings